8 декабря 2012 (07:07:04)

I am so glad to see all participants of this project!

I hope that this one will be really useful for both students and teachers of the foreign languages, and for translators as well. Using search and the pages of the website you can find everything. Interface is quite simle and has English and Russian versions.

At the left side you can find the main resources of this website: people, languages, publications are in the direct access always.

If you are an authorized user, you can see the user menu above where you can edit your information, add languages and publications, and use inner messages.

The top part of the page contains the search bar, where you can find new people, language informations and texts without any efforts.

The Langs.Pro will be improved and added with new functional.

Langs.Pro — это ресурс, где вы можете найти учителя по языкам, если вы изучаете языки, и учеников, если вы языки преподаёте.

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