Uncertainty in Russian


How to say «about» as in «about 20 minutes»?

Normally you say:
У меня есть пять книг  I have five books. 

To say «about» you just need to swap the quantity and the object.
У меня есть книг пять → I have about five books.

Easy as that. The only important thing is intonation (Russian is totally a tone language). In second case you have to say «
книг пять» as a single word, stressing the number only, like [knikpját]

Я ждал тебя двадцать минут  I waited for you for twenty minutes.

Я ждал тебя минут двадцать  I waited for you for about twenty minutes.

Pronounced as [minuddvátsat’]

Ей лет десять  She is about ten years old.

Pronounced as [leddésjat]

Эта книга стоит рублей сто  This book costs about a hundred rubles.

Pronounced as [rubleistó]

Easy as a pie, isn't it? :) 
Good luck with your studyings!

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