Dear mice!

Фарси (персидский)

Приложенный файл

The attached file is the opening song of an Iranian animation from 25 years ago, named "The School of the Mice". It was famous and the kids of my generation liked it. 
It also has some Persian lessons, so I publish it with the English translation and a picture of the class. I hope you like and learn it:)

ک مثل کپل

صحرا شده پر ز گل

گ مثل گردو
بنگر به هر سو

ب مثل بهار
فکر کن بسیار

پ مثل پسته
نباش خسته

م مثل موش
بيو بيو موش
برخیز و بکوش
برخیز و بکوش

خ مثل خونه
نگیر بهونه

آ مثل آواز
قصه شد آغاز

The song of the Iranian animation "The School of the Mice"

 Mesle "like"

 K mesle Kopol (K like in Kopol; Kopol is the name of a fat mouse in the class which always thinks about eating and food and his examples are also somehow related to eating and food, Kopol is not a word, it's a funny name for him which sounds like a refer to a fat kid)

Sahraa shode por ze gol (the grassland has become full of flowers)

G mesle Gerdu (G like in Gerdu which means walnut; of course this is the sound and example of Kopol)

Bengar be har su (look at all directions)

B mesle bahaar (hapchu hapchu) (B like in Bahaar "spring"; the mouse which sings this is allergic to spring, so sneezes)

Ferkr kon besyaar (think a lot)

P mesle peste (P like in Pistachio)

Nabaash khaste, (ishsh) (Don't become tired; the mouse which sings this, is a sissy one)

M mesle mush (M like in Mush "mouse")

Biu biu mush (Biu biu mouse; this is being sang by the teacher the sound biu biu has no meaning)

Barkhiz o bekush (Get up and try)

Yahahahaha... Kh mesle Khune (Kh like in Khune "home"; the way this mouse sings sounds like traditional songs)

Nagir bahune (Don't make excuses)

A mesle Aavaaz (A like in Aavaaz "song")

Qesse shod aghaz (the story has begun)

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yunatan 15 февраля 2013 (01:40:35)
I couldn't attach the file of the picture, because I realized that I can attach only one file. Feel free to ask any question about this lesson.

14 февраля 2013 (15:03:04)

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